Time-Honored Tradition

The Hawaii Polo Club at Dillingham Ranch is a premier destination for polo enthusiasts from around the world. The club is located on the stunning North Shore of Oahu, where the tropical climate and breathtaking scenery create the perfect setting for polo.


At the Hawaii Polo Club, we are passionate about the sport of polo and are committed to promoting its growth and development in Hawaii. The Club offers a range of programs and events for players of all levels from beginner to advanced. The experienced staff provides coaching, training, and support to help players reach their full potential and achieve their polo goals.

In addition to the polo programs, the Polo Club also hosts a range of social and cultural events throughout the year, including charity matches, cultural festivals, and concerts. Club events offer a unique opportunity to experience the vibrant culture and rich history of Hawaii, while enjoying the excitement and thrill of polo.

Polo photos by Devon Dailey & C.M. Davis

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